• neo square front view
  • neo square inner view
  • neo square outer view
  • neo square eagle view
  • people having fun on terrace

* All the images, specifications, and amenities are artistic impressions/conceptulization and do not purport to replicate the exact product(s) and can be changed anytime at the sole discretion of the developer company.

* This commercial project in sector 109, Gurgaon is duly approved/licensed by the office of Director General, town and country planning dept., Haryana vide License No. 102 of 2008 dated 15.05.2008. License holder M/s Shrimaya Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. and others. Building plans approved vide DGTCP office memo no. ZP-484/JD(BS)/2012/20927 dated 19.10.2012. All the approvals can be checked in the office of the developer. The developer reserves the right to get the approved building plans revised at any stage till completion of the building as per prevailing government norms.